Used Bentley – The Legendary Automotive Brand

Unfortunately I am not lucky enough to own a Bentley. I am not even lucky enough to own a used Bentley. If I am being honest with you, I am not actually lucky enough to own anything other than a slightly battered Vauxhall Corsa. Whilst this may be a good car, it is practically non-existent alongside the might of the legendary Bentley car brand.

I have, however, been lucky enough to both drive and be driven in the luxury of a Bentley – in fact, the luxury of two Bentleys. Nope, I am not absurdly rich or successful – but I was given a ticket for a day driving beautiful Bentleys to see just what they felt like. It was, I have to say, one of the best Birthday presents I have ever been given, and I thought I would share the experience with you here. This is part to make you insanely jealous, and in part to share just how special these historical and traditional cars actually are!

So, what did I drive? My first car, in the morning, was one of Bentley’s huge behemoths, monstrous creatures with insanely huge engines and enough leather spread around inside to have felled an entire heard of cows. It was a big one, but a fun one – the well known and well loved Bentley Azure T. I felt like I was sat in the world’s longest car, an effect that I am sure was enhanced by the fact that my car is quite so tiny!

As I drove this baby, I was impressed by how smooth the ride was – and how nice the seats felt. Considering that the Azure was essentially a used Bentley, you would never have guessed that anyone else had ever had the pleasure of driving it – which has something to say for the cleaning crew that look after the centre’s supercars! As I swung it gracefully around the tarmac, I was also struck by the fact that despite the obscene 6 ¾ litre engine, this car didn’t roar, but purred instead a deep smooth rumble, surely a sign of great workmanship.

Although this first drive was wonderful, after lunch I decided that something a little sportier was on the cards. After all, I will probably never have enough money to own one of these wonderful cars, and I wanted to take advantage of the situation whilst I still could. It isn’t everyday one gets to drive a Used Bentley! The Continental Supersports that I picked was interesting, because despite having a distinctly Bentley styled grille, this was undeniably modern – more so since mine was a glistening bright white!

This was my favourite drive, maybe because it felt a little wilder, like a horse pulling at the reigns. I think the W12 power unit really did it, although all I was really paying attention to as I drove it around the circuit was the acceleration, which was fast, and the steering which felt light as a feather for such a massive car. Again, I loved it!

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