Finding Balance in Your Life Through Simple Lifestyle Changes And Meditation

With modern-day living being so chaotic more and more people are seeking balance and harmony in their lives. The problem I see in many though is a lack of understanding of ones-self on a spiritual level and poor lifestyle choices.

So how do we reconnect with our inner-self? How do we find the right balance in our lives?

In order for us not to become a victim of modern-day life there are two key areas you we need to focus on. Firstly our lifestyle, are we maintaining a balanced lifestyle? Secondly is reflection, are we in tune with our mind, are we at peace with ourselves on a mental level?


There are many areas of our “lifestyle” that we could strive to improve but for the purposes of this article I want to discuss two key areas you should focus on. These are; maintaining a well balanced diet and engaging in exercise regularly.

Maintaining a well balanced diet

Eating properly is important for so many reasons and not just necessarily for physical health reasons. Of course it’s important to maintain a balanced diet for physical health reasons but this one simple lifestyle change can improve your overall well-being tenfold.

For example; it can help in relieving stress and anxiety, depression, fatigue and when the bodies properly nourished you’ll generally feel more vibrant, energetic and better able to cope with your daily activities.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is likewise important for strengthening both the mind and body. Whenever we engage in physical activity some of the bodies feel good chemicals go into over-drive such as serotonin and endorphin’s. It’s a natural way to build up the neural network and benefit from the abundance of good chemicals that the body produces on a daily basis.

It’s important that you set a structured routine for your exercise activities also. Make it a daily habit! Even if you don’t consider yourself to be physically fit then short strolls will do, whatever you can manage. As long as you make it a daily habit and stick to a routine.


“Reflection” is quite a broad word so what exactly do I mean by this? Basically self-reflection, to understand your desires, needs, positive/ negative emotions and so on. But how do we achieve this?

Again there are many ways to connect with yourself on a deeper level, usually techniques lending there-selves to “spirituality” offer the best solution. The following are two key areas you should consider for finding balance and harmony in your life:


Meditating provides a great means for connecting with yourself on a deeper level. It’s important to understand that your external environment affects your thoughts, feelings and emotions!

Through meditation you’re able to remove yourself from this external environment on a mental level and with regular practice you’ll learn to mange and control your thoughts much better.

Much like regular exercise, learning to meditate will require a commitment, make it a daily habit even if only for a few minutes each day. Just find a nice quiet comfortable spot where you can quietly reflect, use breathing exercises and visual imagery techniques to help with your concentration and to help you get more from your meditation.


Gratitude is often referenced in the Law of Attraction and throughout Eastern philosophy. It basically means to be grateful for the blessings we have and to not become consumed by negative and needy emotions such as want, greed and gluttony.

The Western world in particular is especially guilty here, with “consumerism” and “materialism” being a way of life. It’s important to remove yourself from this way of thinking and to show gratitude for the abundance of things you already have in your life, even those small trivial things we can take for granted such as the air to breathe or fresh, clean water to drink and our health.

Display gratitude on a daily basis, both for yourself and towards others. Doing so will empower with you feelings of positivity and joy and you’ll enrich your life in many ways.

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Record Your Precious Moments With Flip Video Ultra HD

Since the dawn of High Definition (HD) technology, more and more digital camera/video camera manufacturers are refining and developing their products to accommodate the growing market of HD-technology users. If you wish to find video camera that offers superb quality in HD, simple to use, affordable and reliable at the same time, then the Flip Video Cameras from Flip Video may be the right ones for you. Just recently, Flip Video released the world’s simplest shoot and share video camera the Flip Ultra HD. Shoot moments anytime and anywhere you want, be it a trip to a nearby park, a beach vacation or a cruise holiday.

Offering HD made-simple technology, the Flip Ultra HD is available in four selections of color and an optional Design-Your-Own color. Sleek and stylish, the Flip Ultra HD comes in two choices of memory capacity, 4 or 8 GB, which allows user to record 1 to 2 hours of video-fun. Similar with other Flip video cameras, the Flip Ultra HD offers simple user interface. You can record HD video instantly; simply power on the device and press the record button.

Compared to the Flip Slide HD, the Flip Ultra HD offers several advantages such as image-stabilization feature, coupled with 2x digital zoom and 16:9 widescreen 720p (1280 x 720) HD/ 60 fps or 30 fps video quality. You can simply capture moments in HD and record them as MP4 files by pressing the Flip Ultra HD’s red button. The video’s newest feature, image stabilization, would help keep your video steady. Store the video files unto your computer through the pre-installed FlipShare software. Simply connect the on-board USB arm to your computer and the FlipShare software would be launched in an instant.

Powered with the Flip Video Rechargeable Battery Pack that would recharge when they are connected to USB, it is best for you to bring additional 3 lithium A3 batteries in case you need a back-up power source. After you have finished recording with Flip Ultra HD, you can edit and organize videos easily, capture shots, send greeting cards or create movies easily with FlipShare software. Once you have done the editing, you may share your videos to social networking sites, share them privately with FlipShare’s attachment-free email or create Flip Channels to share your videos with private group or family members.

Connect the Flip Ultra HD to your HDTV using the Flip Video HDMI Micro Cable (sold separately, type D) and watch the video premiere through your HDTV from the comfort of your living room. The high-quality H.264 HD video files can also be played with popular video-players such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and iTunes. You can extend the capability of your Flip Ultra HD with Designed for Flip accessory products. The Flip Ultra HD package comes with rechargeable battery pack, wrist strap, soft protective case, and a user guide.

Product Features
- Large built-in memory up to 8GB enables up to 2 hours HD video shooting
- User-friendly interface with large, red record button
- At 0.9 inches x 2.1 inches, the slim and sleek, handy 0.28 pounds camera enables for capturing video on-the-go
- Vibrant HD video (720p / 60fps) H.264 HD with image stabilization for amazingly clear and steady result
- Premium AAC audio for fantastic video sound
- Included Flip Video Rechargeable Battery Pack (recharges when connected to USB); 3 lithium A3 batteries can be used as back-up power source
- Plug and use pre-loaded FlipShare™ software launches instantly once the built-in USB arm is connected to PC or Mac®
- FlipShare software allows for video sharing, organizing and creating. Plus editing, music adding, and movie making, to name a few
- Snapshot feature for capturing scenes from the recorded frames
- Flip Video HDMI™ Micro Cable (type D) [sold separately] allows instant viewing from your Flip Ultra HD to your HDTV
- Video: 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 60 frames per seconds (fps) progressive scan; recorded as MP4 files can be played with popular video player software such as Windows Media Player, iTunes and QuickTime Player
- Private video sharing with FlipShare’s attachment-free email; create Flip Channels; or direct video shares via popular social networking sites such as Facebook™, YouTube™ and Twitter™
- You can find accessory from Designed for Flip that would extend the fun factor
- Included in the box: rechargeable battery pack, wrist strap, soft protective case, user guide

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Personal Accident Insurance – International Employment

Personal Accident Insurance – Working Overseas You’ve just been awarded a new position by your company; overseas. Do you Have Personal Accident Insurance? They will be transferring you to Moscow, Russia to run the Marketing Department of your Fortune 500 Corporation. It’s a very big step up the corporate ladder and a great opportunity. You also have so many things to think about however; so many lose ends to take care of. Certainly, the last thing you want to be concerned with is your International Benefits package.What is the International Benefits Package, does it provide Personal Accident Insurance? You’re sure that you’ll have International Health Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and you’ve already signed up for the free Life Insurance that’s provided. So that’s enough, correct?Well, unfortunately it’s not, it appears that they left out Personal Accident Insurance Personal Accident Insurance.When a company sends their employees overseas, they generally provide the above referenced coverages in the benefits package. This is not always enough though. Reason being, you will indeed have health insurance if you or a family member becomes ill. If you’re injured on the job then of course Workers Compensation Insurance will cover you. Additionally, if you are in a declared War Zone, then Workers Compensation Insurance will provide 24 hour coverage. But what if you are not in a War Zone and God forbid, you lose a limb, or worse – your life, and you are not engaged in work activities?Where Does International Workers Compensation Insurance Stop Covering?Example, a 40 year old Engineer is in Saudi Arabia working on a project for his company. He comes home Friday night not feeling well, so he skips dinner and goes to bed early. The next morning, no one can reach him. A colleague is sent to check on him and finds him unresponsive. It’s later determined that he died of a heart attack. What will his family do? Workers Compensation Insurance won’t provide ANY coverage because Saudi Arabia is not a War Zone and the event didn’t happen while he was “on the job”. Essentially all his family will receive is a minimal Life Insurance settlement.Personal Accident Insurance;This is where Personal Accident Insurance comes in. It is critical that your company carry Personal Accident Insurance Coverage if you are on an overseas assignment. A Personal Accident Insurance policy would send a check immediately to the family for the agreed upon amount by the company. In this particular narrative, a true story, by the way, the family received a check for $500,000 along with the life settlement. They would have been devastated without this coverage as Life Settlements are rarely enough. If however you lose a limb and can’t work, the policy would also respond and pay the designated amount for a loss of limb.What About War And Terrorism Coverage is it included in Personal Accident Insurance?Here is the most important part: War and Terrorism ARE covered by our Personal Accident Insurance making it a very broad policy. Further, Life Insurance Always Excludes War/Terror. So, worst case scenario, you are on an overseas assignment, off work, and an IED – Improvised Explosive Device is triggered, killing you. There would be NO coverage from any Life Insurance Policy, Workers Compensation Policy, or Life Settlement Insurance Policy, unless, you are insured by Personal Accident Insurance. Unfortunately, in our current unstable political climate, this type of event happens more often than one might think.If you should find yourself with the opportunity to work overseas, congratulations! It is the chance of a lifetime to live and work abroad. Just be sure to confirm that the Benefits Package will indeed take care of your family’s needs if something happens. Make sure they include the Personal Accident Insurance.

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