Finding Balance in Your Life Through Simple Lifestyle Changes And Meditation

With modern-day living being so chaotic more and more people are seeking balance and harmony in their lives. The problem I see in many though is a lack of understanding of ones-self on a spiritual level and poor lifestyle choices.

So how do we reconnect with our inner-self? How do we find the right balance in our lives?

In order for us not to become a victim of modern-day life there are two key areas you we need to focus on. Firstly our lifestyle, are we maintaining a balanced lifestyle? Secondly is reflection, are we in tune with our mind, are we at peace with ourselves on a mental level?


There are many areas of our “lifestyle” that we could strive to improve but for the purposes of this article I want to discuss two key areas you should focus on. These are; maintaining a well balanced diet and engaging in exercise regularly.

Maintaining a well balanced diet

Eating properly is important for so many reasons and not just necessarily for physical health reasons. Of course it’s important to maintain a balanced diet for physical health reasons but this one simple lifestyle change can improve your overall well-being tenfold.

For example; it can help in relieving stress and anxiety, depression, fatigue and when the bodies properly nourished you’ll generally feel more vibrant, energetic and better able to cope with your daily activities.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is likewise important for strengthening both the mind and body. Whenever we engage in physical activity some of the bodies feel good chemicals go into over-drive such as serotonin and endorphin’s. It’s a natural way to build up the neural network and benefit from the abundance of good chemicals that the body produces on a daily basis.

It’s important that you set a structured routine for your exercise activities also. Make it a daily habit! Even if you don’t consider yourself to be physically fit then short strolls will do, whatever you can manage. As long as you make it a daily habit and stick to a routine.


“Reflection” is quite a broad word so what exactly do I mean by this? Basically self-reflection, to understand your desires, needs, positive/ negative emotions and so on. But how do we achieve this?

Again there are many ways to connect with yourself on a deeper level, usually techniques lending there-selves to “spirituality” offer the best solution. The following are two key areas you should consider for finding balance and harmony in your life:


Meditating provides a great means for connecting with yourself on a deeper level. It’s important to understand that your external environment affects your thoughts, feelings and emotions!

Through meditation you’re able to remove yourself from this external environment on a mental level and with regular practice you’ll learn to mange and control your thoughts much better.

Much like regular exercise, learning to meditate will require a commitment, make it a daily habit even if only for a few minutes each day. Just find a nice quiet comfortable spot where you can quietly reflect, use breathing exercises and visual imagery techniques to help with your concentration and to help you get more from your meditation.


Gratitude is often referenced in the Law of Attraction and throughout Eastern philosophy. It basically means to be grateful for the blessings we have and to not become consumed by negative and needy emotions such as want, greed and gluttony.

The Western world in particular is especially guilty here, with “consumerism” and “materialism” being a way of life. It’s important to remove yourself from this way of thinking and to show gratitude for the abundance of things you already have in your life, even those small trivial things we can take for granted such as the air to breathe or fresh, clean water to drink and our health.

Display gratitude on a daily basis, both for yourself and towards others. Doing so will empower with you feelings of positivity and joy and you’ll enrich your life in many ways.

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